Manufactured Home Plumbing Repair

Common Manufactured Home Plumbing Issues

Reid Kurtenbach

Manufactured home (also known as a mobile home) plumbing problems are really common for different reasons.

From foul odors to slow drainage, leaks, and backflow, these issues are almost inevitable as manufactured homes (new and old alike) use plastic pipes for its affordability and size, instead of the sturdy material used in traditional houses. Pipe location is also a major reason for plumbing issues as pipes are usually located underneath the manufactured home or inside cabinets and lastly, air vents functioning poorly go unnoticed and can be a cause for major issues as well. We’ve made a list of the most common issues that manufactured homes present in regards to plumbing, how to identify them and hopefully we’ll save you some money by telling you how to troubleshoot most issues by yourself. However, in some cases, calling a professional will be the best option.

Thumping noises

When you hear thumping noises while your water is running it’s more than likely that your pipes are not strapped properly. This is a common issue due to the location of pipes throughout manufactured houses. You’ll need to call an expert so that they can secure the pipes and make sure everything is in place. If the thumping noise is happening while you’re draining water it might be something more complicated. You’ll need to call an expert to check on everything again as it’s probably a ventilation issue that needs fixing.

Drainage issues 

Slow draining in a sink, shower or bathtub will happen because of a superficial clog, for instance, a hair clog.

This issue, in particular, you can fix yourself with the appropriate tool. The tool is called a snake and it’s the one professionals use. You can also buy the smaller version for smaller clogs and do the unclogging yourself which will save you time and money.

If you don’t feel comfortable with doing it yourself, a plumber can do it for you at a reasonable price.

Water back flowing

Water that backflows usually occurs whenever you flush a toilet and the water backflows to the bathtub as it’s the lowest point in your manufactured home.

Usually, this means there’s a clog in your drain line that can easily disappear by using a closet auger which makes the clog go into the sewer system.  If this doesn’t solve the problem then you’re probably dealing with a ventilation issue, which will require you to improve your ventilation system to avoid further problems.

Foul odors

Foul odors in a manufactured home can happen for several different reasons; however, they all have one thing in common: something’s not working properly.

A bad auto vent, which lets the smell go through because it doesn’t close as it should, is the most common one. You could also be facing a bad wax ring. This causes sewer water to build up as your toilet is leaking in a non visible area, which causes the foul smell.  Also, you could be suffering from pipe separation, which is just as bad because it means there is water building up underneath your manufactured home. Additionally, a dry p-trap could be failing because of a clog in a vent, in which case, foul odors sift through. This is an easy one to get rid of as you can just implement the snaking technique that we’ve illustrated before.

In all scenarios, your best option is to call a professional to help you find out what exactly is the problem and fix it quickly, but be prepared to pay some money.

Low water pressure

When it comes to low water pressure, replacing the faulty plumbing will solve the matter quickly and cheaply. In most cases, either an aerator is failing or a galvanized pipe is suffering from mineral build up. Not all cases need replacement, some of them just need a good cleaning and if you learn what goes where in the plumbing system and clean periodically, this issue can be easily avoided or quickly fixed.


Leaks happen in both traditional houses and manufactured homes, however, as we mentioned earlier, they tend to be more common in manufactured homes as pipes are usually plastic which can be prone to cracks and leaks.

The most common places for leaks are shower heads and faucets so homeowners need to keep an eye out for these particular areas in order to catch any leaks and avoid damage to the structure of the home because the leak was not fixed in a timely manner.

Avoid plumbing issues

Plumbing issues are very common in manufactured homes because of their piping material and plumbing structure. However, if you check your home at least twice a year for any of the signs we’ve mentioned in this post, you might be able to avoid most of them and end up saving hundreds in repair and maintenance expenses.

These small extra steps will save you money and time down the line when you decide to sell your home. When that time comes, remember that Land Home Buyer is here to buy your manufactured home. Contact us at 1-866-652-5263 or visit our website. We’ll pay you cash and close quickly, so it’s going to be a quick and easy process.

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