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Keeping the Land After Selling a Manufactured Home

Reid Kurtenbach

Having to say goodbye is always one of the hardest things to do. No matter the reason and no matter what, having to leave something, even if it’s just temporary, is always difficult. Saying goodbye to a manufactured home (commonly known as a mobile home) you’ve lived in for a long time can also be difficult. You’re not only saying goodbye to the place, but to the memories as well. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. A manufactured home is not built nor attached to any site. So you can sell the home, but you might be able to keep the land.

Do I own the land?

The answer to this question is: maybe. If you bought a manufactured home in a manufactured home community, then the land probably isn’t yours. On the other hand, there are certain situations in which you might’ve bought the land with the home. If you bought your manufactured home and the private property, then the land is yours. If you bought a piece of land, and then put a manufactured home on it, the land is also yours.

So should I keep the land?

Yes, as you can find some major issues when you’re trying to sell your manufactured home without any land.

Issues selling

Most people who own the land that their manufactured home is on, have lived there for a while and have an older manufactured home. An older model of a manufactured home is not particularly attractive for most prospective buyers. Thus, there’s little incentive for them to take the risk with an older model when they can get a new one with ease at a good price. Additionally, by separating the land and the manufactured home you’re going to be getting a lot less money. The land is usually what helps maintain the value of the home. So without it, you won’t get much for it on the open market.

The value is even less if you’ve moved your manufactured home more than once. Most insurance companies won’t take a risk with a manufactured home that has been moved several times. Even if an insurance company takes the risk, they won’t always cover transportation. You’ll need to get another insurance policy from the transportation company. This is not even the biggest issue during transportation. The buyer has to coordinate the moving of the home and if you’re selling a double wide, then you may have to pay twice the price. However, you can work around this is if you agree to pay the cost of the transport and it can even help you sell your manufactured home.

Final thoughts

In the same way that there’s a long list of undesirable traits, there are also certain things that might make your manufactured home more attractive. So if you’re interested in selling your manufactured home, call 1-866-652-5263 to get your fair cash offer from Land Home Buyer.

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