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Our team will evaluate your request and contact you to explain our purchase offer for your home.
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You'll electronically sign the purchase contract confirming your agreement with Land Home Buyer.
We're excited to buy your manufactured home, but we still need to inspect it.
Call 1-866-652-5263 for a competitive and fast cash offer.
We'll work with you to schedule a time for a home inspector to come out and review your home.
At no cost to you, the home inspector will visit your home and identify any items that need repair, replacement or aren't up to code.
Based on the inspection results, we'll determine if we missed any unknown issues that will require a repair credit.
Since you sold to Land Home Buyer and picked the day you wanted to close, all you need to do now is kick back and relax.
Let's get you paid and help you move!
Call 1-866-652-5263 for a competitive and fast cash offer.
Remove all your personal items and perform a quick cleaning.
We'll conduct a final walkthrough within 7 days of closing to verify your home is still in the same condition.
It's closing day! Sign your final escrow documents and get paid!
Congrats! It's moving day. We loved working with you and we hope you enjoy your new future!


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Here are just some of the many reasons why manufactured homeowners choose us.

No fees or commissions
Fast and competitive offer
No obligations
Close quickly
No repairs or improvements

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Here’s a list of common questions that sellers ask us with our answers.

My manufactured home needs several repairs. Will you still buy it?

In most cases, yes we’ll still buy it. Most of the manufactured homes we purchase need to be renovated.

May I negotiate on your offer?

By removing the hassle of negotiating, it has helped us simplify the process of selling your manufactured home. Instead of focusing on negotiation, we target accuracy and use hundreds of data points, local market expertise, and your home’s unique features to give you an offer at market value. If you’ve received an offer and feel there’s additional information about your home you’d like us to consider, please let us know. We’d be happy to learn more about your home so we can make you the most competitive offer.

Do you conduct the home inspections yourself?

In most cases, we work with home inspectors to inspect every manufactured home we’re interested in purchasing.

What happens if my client asks you for an offer directly?

If your seller asks for an offer and it is listed in an MLS (multiple listing service), we’ll send the offer to you. We respect any listing agreement you have with your client and we’ll work with you directly.

I have a listing and I’d like to get an offer from you. What’s the process?

If you’re representing a manufactured home seller, you can visit our website and request an offer on behalf of your client. We respect any listing agreement you have with your client and we’ll work with you directly.

I’ve heard you’re trying to do away with real estate brokers. Is that true?

We work with real estate brokers every day. We want to join the party, not break it up. In fact, we paid thousands of dollars in commissions last year, and the real estate brokers who work with us love the Land Home Buyer experience. We provide a simple transaction experience that brings certainty to the process that real estate brokers and their clients love.

What are the benefits of utilizing your trade-in program?

We align the closing dates of your manufactured home sale and new home purchase so you can move straight from your old home to your new one, saving months of hassle and thousands of dollars. Eliminate the hassle of repairs, moving more than once, carrying two mortgages, and/or having to make contingent offers ever again.

How does your home trade-in program work?

Our trade-in program allows you to buy a new home and sell your current manufactured home in one simple and seamless transaction. After you’ve found the home you want to purchase, secure the sale of your current home with our offer, pick your preferred move-in date, and close on the day of your choice. We’ll handle the rest.

How do I qualify for the relocation assistance program?

Your manufactured home is full of more than just “stuff”. These are the memories and possessions you value and hold dear to your heart. That’s why when you choose to take advantage of our relocation assistance program, we’ll provide you up to $1,000 to move to your new home. Your items will stay with you throughout the entire moving process which means safety, security, and peace of mind for your move. To be eligible for the relocation assistance program, we require a minimum of a 14-day notice prior to the close of escrow. Also, it is only valid for sellers who have closed escrow and transferred ownership of a manufactured home to us. Pickup of your contents must originate from the address purchased by Land Home Buyer and our relocation assistance is valid up to five days after we close escrow on your property too.

What do I need to leave in my manuctured home when I move?

In most cases, you can take anything that isn’t installed in your manufactured home, unless we’ve included them in the purchase and sales contract. Often times though, we end up buying your washer, dryer, and refrigerator as part of the real estate transaction. As a general rule, you need to leave any built-in appliances. This includes, but is not limited to: the dishwasher, built-in microwave, stove, oven, cooktops, ice machines, trash compactors, water softeners, built-in refrigerator, R/O systems, window treatments, central vacuum and hoses, garage door openers and remotes, pool equipment, built-in BBQs, built-in fire pits, ceiling fans, light fixtures, pool fencing, pool cleaning systems, exterior landscape lighting, and surround sound speakers.

When do I get my loan payoff?

After we open escrow, the title company or attorney’s office will contact you to assist with the mortgage payoff for your manufactured home.

When do we sign closing documents?

A few days before your agreed-upon closing date, an escrow agent from the title company or a representative from an attorney’s office will contact you to finalize the day and time you’ll sign the final closing documents. You’ll receive your final purchase payout check at this time.

When is the final walkthrough of my manufactured home?

We’ll contact you several days before your closing date to schedule the final walkthrough of your manufactured home by a licensed state-licensed third-party home inspector or general contractor. The walkthrough typically happens one to three days before closing. The purpose of the secondary inspection is to verify the manufactured home is still in the same condition and to check on agreed repairs if you decided to handle them independently.

What are my options if repair credits are required after the inspection?

You have two options if the home inspector or general contractor determines repairs are required to your manufactured home that was not previously disclosed by you:

  1. The easiest option is to let us do the repairs by agreeing to credit the repair expenses to us at closing. In most cases, due to our volume and in-house resources, we’re able to keep required repair credits to a low and reasonable price point. We simply ask for exactly what is needed to get the home ready for acquisition. To move forward with this option, you would sign an addendum to the contract that defines the required repairs and costs. This solution means no money out of pocket or work was done by you.
  2. If you don’t agree to the required repairs, you can choose to not move forward with the purchase and sales contract, at no cost or no obligation. Keep in mind, these repairs will most likely have to be addressed regardless if you sell to us or try to sell traditionally. A traditional buyer will typically want these same issues fixed (or credited) before they agree to purchase your manufactured home.
What happens if the third-party home inspector finds an issue?

If the home inspector determines repairs are required that weren’t previously disclosed, we’ll provide you a complete list of repairs and ask for a credit to cover the difference after inspection. We’ll ask you to sign an addendum to the contract that will explain any required repairs or credits needed before closing. If repair credits are required, you have the choice to accept the credit addendum or cancel the transaction altogether.

How do I find out about the inspection results?

We’ll send you an email within seven days summarizing any required repair credits because of issues that were not previously disclosed to us.

When does my manufactured home go into escrow?

Your manufactured home will go into escrow as soon as the purchase contract has been signed between you and us.

What happens after I sign the purchase contract?

Once the contract is digitally signed, we’ll open escrow at a title company or attorney’s office and deposit the earnest money, usually within a few days. Then, we’ll contact you to schedule your manufactured home inspection.

Is the transaction final after I accept my offer or is there something else I need to do?

To finalize your offer, you must sign the purchase contract. This contract will be emailed or faxed to each individual homeowner.

When do I select what day I want to close?

When you view your offer, you can choose your closing date within 7 – 180 days. This date will then be indicated in the final purchase and sales contract you’ll receive via email the same day. If something changes and you need to make a slight change to your close date, let us know and we’ll do our best to make the adjustment.

What happens after I accept my offer?

After you accept your offer, each individual homeowner will receive an email with the purchase contract attached and an email from Land Home Buyer with a brief overview of our process and next steps.

How long is my offer valid?

Our offers are usually good for 30 days, but in most cases, manufactured homeowners discover that our offers are so competitive that they accept them immediately. If you’re curious what the expiration date is of your offer, just look for the expiration date at the bottom of your offer. Keep in mind, you can always request a new offer by calling or emailing us. Then, we’ll send you an updated offer as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that the depending on the real estate market, your offer may be lower than the first one you received.

How will I receive my purchase offer?

After you submit your request, we’ll email you a competitive purchase offer after speaking with you over the phone to learn more about your manufactured home and current situation.

Who pays for the title, escrow, and closing costs in a transaction with you?

We pay the closing and processing fees during the real estate transaction with you.

How do you determine my manufactured home’s purchase price?

We’ve purchased hundreds of manufactured homes over the past 10 years, providing us with a unique insight into the needs of homeowners. We calculate your manufactured home market value by analyzing all possible data sources (i.e. neighborhood comps, recent sale prices, and local market condition), and evaluate the property specifics provided in your offer request. From that, we provide you with a competitive cash offer within minutes.

How do you keep my information 100% confidential and secure?

For all document signings, we use an approved third-party web-based software application that is UETA/ESIGN compliant. All escrow payments and paperwork are handled by a trusted title company or law firm (depending on your state), securing all financial management and payments. The security of your information throughout the entire sales process is part of our guarantee of a better hassle-free experience with Land Home Buyer.

I’m behind on my loan payments. Will you still buy my manufactured home?

Absolutely! We must work quickly though! Many lenders would prefer to receive payment on their loan instead of taking the property. Land Home Buyer often works with lenders to delay any further legal action until we can complete the manufactured home purchase and you have the money to pay off the mortgage. We’ll do our best to work with you and your lender to purchase your home.

I already have a listing broker. May I still use your service?

Although you do not need a real estate professional to sell your manufactured home to Land Home Buyer, if you have an existing listing agreement with a real estate broker, we’re required to communicate our offer directly to your broker. Also, the real estate commission will be deducted by the title company (or attorney) from your net proceeds at closing. You should read the terms of your listing agreement to confirm those amounts.

How long do I have to move out after closing?

With our flexible closing option, you can move out up to 5 days after closing. To qualify, you must complete a Post-Possession Addendum. This is a free service, but please note that Land Home Buyer will hold back $5,000 as a deposit that you will receive once you vacate your manufactured home on the 5th day assuming no further damages have been incurred to it.

How fast can we close and move?

It’s completely your choice. You get to pick the day (anytime between 7 and 180 days). We’re ready to move as fast as you need or give you as much time as you desire.

What types of manufactured homes do you buy?

We’re actively purchasing manufactured homes that fit the following criteria:

• Manufactured homes with land
• Built after 1980
• Values up to $150,000

Where are you currently buying manufactured homes?

Land Home Buyer is currently buying manufactured homes across the country. Our decades of experience make it possible for us to buy quality manufactured homes, offer competitive prices, and deliver homeowners a hassle-free home selling experience.

Who are you?

Land Home Buyer is a direct manufactured home buyer that focuses on delivering solutions to sellers in difficult situations while improving communities. Through our team’s extensive knowledge of the real estate business and our network of resources, we’re able to assist homeowners with a wide variety of solutions to any real estate problem. Our mission is to empower manufactured homeowners and provide the optimum home selling experience: convenience, oversight, and value. We take out the stress, uncertainty, and inconvenience from the traditional real estate selling process. We make you a competitive purchase offer to make sure you get all the value you can from your precious home. We’re problem-solvers and straight-shooters with the ability to quickly buy your manufactured home for a competitive price.

What are the benefits of selling my manufactured home to you?
  • We pay you cash and take care of all the paperwork.
  • We pay all the closing costs.
  • We don’t charge any commissions or fees.
  • We cover any outstanding property taxes and pay off any liens on the property.
  • We make the selling process simple, fast, and hassle-free for you.
  • We’ll close on the date of your choice.
  • We provide you up to $500 in relocation assistance.
  • We allow you to stay in your home up to five days after closing.
  • We don’t expect you to make any repairs or improvements.
What will you do with my manufactured home if I sell it to you?

We usually deploy one of three strategies based on the property and location:

  1. Sell it to other investors who want to purchase it for their own portfolio.
  2. Renovate it and rent it to low-income families desiring safe, affordable, and clean housing.
  3. List it for sale in a traditional sense once we have rehabbed it.


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